Welcome to Pruthvi consultants

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a qualified and experienced structural and civil engineers involved in designing and execution of all type of structures. We are in the field of structural and civil engineering consultancy especially in Industrial Building, Residential Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals and also into Structural and other damaged assessments due to earthquakes and retrofitting measures thereof.

Our experience includes Structural Design & Architectural design of Industrial, Commercial, Theaters, Hospitals, Schools, and Aesthetically Structures. We have successfully designed more than 8000 projects. We have also done Structural Survey including measures for some of the government and semi-government agencies.

Being Qualified, Dynamic and Experienced Structural Engineer, we are confident of handling any type of challenging job being entrusted to us, We assure our best services at all times.

Structure All’s mission is to provide clients across Bangalore with structural engineering services for all types of buildings, from concept planning through completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience. This business plan was compiled using Business Plan.

Keys of Function

  1. Providing professional quality services on time and on budget.
  2. Develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients.
  3. Implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy.
  4. Assigning the good contractor
  5. Needs of Site supervision


The functions of a consulting engineer can be broadly classified as under:

Studying project reports including their financial reliability and cost estimates.

Preparing, designing and/or scrutinising structural drawings and designs.

Inviting tenders and checking tendering procedures.

Supervising works and ensuring highest quality of performance standards.

Advising on repair, alteration and maintenance of existing structure.

Offer advice on inter-related matters such as selection of plant and equipment like elevators, electrical and water supply work etc.

Act as Proof Consultant for cross-checking design in case of complex structures to ensure complete safety and economy.

He should have a knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) useful in aerodynamic design and complex wind engineering analysis as well as in Visual Design which enables construction professionals to pinpoint the potential \ problems well in advance of the start of the construction.

In short a consulting engineer has to ensure that the leading edge technology is used for all solutions which should be creative but at the same time environmentally sound.

Apart from technical qualifications and expertise, a consulting engineer should have other qualities for the success in his profession. Some of these are:

A fair working knowledge of finance and business procedures.

Team spirit and human relations.

Leadership to convince clients.

Language skills when working in foreign countries or with foreigners.

Keep client’s information completely confidential.

Accept no commissions in connection with supply of materials or manpower.

Hold no directorship or controlling interest in the project handled by him.

It is not the code of conduct itself but its rigorous and intelligent applications which finally determines the real professional worth and integrity of a consulting engineer.

Need of a Consultant

The necessity of calling in a consultant very early in the gestation of a project cannot be overemphasized. Serious errors are known to occur in delaying such an appointment. Once a site was procured / purchased, to later prove that it was absolutely unsuitable. Bridges have been designed to replace existing bridge structures without taking into account problems in soil, loading, aerodynamics, and traffic expansion; and long–term projects decided upon without studying the effects of price fluctuations over the intervening period on the overall budget. When the producers of the film ‘Bridge on River Kwai wanted a bridge unit built and then blown off at the right time as the story demanded, they called in a consulting engineer for such precision work. Fortunately such a professional was found and the bridge built and later blown off at the right time and at the right place as demanded.

Large engineering organization often maintain in-house consultants on a regular payment basis. While not trying to belittle their work and ability, in-house staff may have their own set of ideas and pinpricks as well as traditional and fixed concepts, while an outsider independent consultant can push in fresh proposals, latest concepts and be totally unbiased in their approach.

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